101 Best Beaches of Asia

101 Best Beaches Asia


Asia's beaches include some of the most pristine and undiscovered in the world, despite being home to some of the world's best dive spots, scenery and surrounding cultural attractions. Coming soon, 101 Best Beaches Asia will reveal the first authoritative list of the region's best beaches.

Casuarina Beach

Darwin, Northern Territory

Casuarina is the longest of the 12 beaches on Darwin’s irregular northern shoreline. The coastal reserve features mangroves, monsoon vine-forest and casuarina woodlands, as well as the biggest range of wildlife in the Darwin area.

Frangipani Beach

Cape York, Queensland

At the northernmost tip of Australia, beautiful Frangipani Beach is a great place to cool off after the epic two to three-day 4WD trek from Cooktown. The rough dirt road includes more than 30 creek and river crossings, some the habitat of crocodiles.

Cape Peron

Shark Bay, Western Australia

The white sands of Cape Peron sit below bright red pindan bluffs in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area. The biggest area of seagrass meadows in Australia is home to the country’s largest dugong population.

Catherine Hill Bay

Catherine Hill Bay, New South Wales

Only 100 kilometres from Sydney, pristine Catherine Hill Bay owes it preservation to the coal mine, which has controlled and limited development here for 150 years. The mine’s decommissioned jetty still stands but otherwise the beach remains in a pretty natural state.

Gibson Steps

Great Ocean Road, Victoria

The two eroded sea stacks known as ‘Gog and Magog’ are battered by the ferocious surf off Gibsons Steps in Victoria’s Port Campbell National Park. Access to the sands is via a dramatic cliff-hanging walkway, but this wild beach is definitely not a place to swim.

Mon Repos

Mon Repos Conservation Park, Queensland

The site of the largest loggerhead turtle nesting site in Australia, on most nights in summer Mon Repos sees about 450 turtles come ashore to lay their eggs in holes they dig on the sandy beach. Protected within the Mon Repos Conservation Park, the once endangered turtles are experiencing a slow comeback.

Crescent Head

Crescent Head, New South Wales

Its classic right-hand peeling break has made Crescent Head a favourite surfing destination for decades, but this charming, out-of-the-way town in northern NSW also offers safe family swimming in shallow Killick Creek.

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